I'm new to PAUSE posting. When reading the script
upload example, I saw the category of fun/educational.
I have two questions about that.

1. Do these categories exist?

2. Does the slash mean two seperate categories?

Here's what I would like to submit:
A script for teachers who want to give a peek at
assembly language programming without having to use a
full blown assembler. Mine is in Perl so it even
crosses platforms.

Since I see no educational category on the actual CPAN
index, I'm assuming there is no such category. I
would like to suggest that we create one.

The script in question implements a simple 20
statement assembler which has some of the flavor of
assembly without requiring an intense semester's work
to write complete programs. I'm teaching occasionally
now and find that colleges don't require assembly any
more. That's not a big loss to the resume, but no
knowledge of addressing modes and hand rolled arrays
seems a pity to me. With the small assembler I can
give a two week unit on assembly. This explains
arrays and computing with binary operations. The idea
is to build intuition and understanding.

Let me know what you think.

Phil Crow

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