Well, I'm not opposed to using your script.

My only question is this: Why can't the existing CPAN utilities
for processing module tarballs be retrofitted for script tarballs?
The work required for making this happen has got to be exceedingly small.
Or am I missing something? I've never understood what the obstacle
actually is.

I'm not clear on why we would abandon tar. What's wrong with tar?
Everyone already uses tar. No one has complained about it,
as far as I know.

But I'm not opposed to abandoning tar either, if there is
some sensible reason for it. Why is a self-extracting Perl
script better than a tarball? The only advantage I can see is
that you can implement it without waiting for the CPAN maintainers
to make any changes. But I think fixing CPAN is a better idea.

My apologies if I've misunderstood some part of your idea.

I propose I upload this simple self-extracting script as a first pass so
that we can have it evaluated as a group. How about the utility category
used in CPAN?


It is where you find Convert::UU for uuencoding/uudecoding, LZO or Zip
compression and other similar utilities.

I'd really like to see scripts come with testing similar to CPAN modules and
a multi-file format would lend itself to including the test.pl along with
the script.

# John Nolan
# jpnolan sonic net

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