Hello All,

Is there any worked out (external) notation for presentation of the grammar
of programming languages (with corresponding tools)?

I would like to have tools such as:
1) Transformation tool to present of grammar in publication (LaTeX, HTML and
2) Tool to test equivalence of two grammars;
3) Tool to probe the text of code to be corresponding to grammar;
4) Transformation tool to transform code in G1 grammar to code in G2 grammar
(with set of transformation rules).
5) ...

It seems to me that this question is very important because every
communication of types human-program and program-program (and also
human-human :)) should be based on some language. And it's quite desirable
to have external description of the language in order to it will be
opportunity: (1) to insert right description of the language into manual,
(2) to use description of the language in another programs, (3) to test
coincidence of the several realisations of the same language, (4) to
transform some languages to another ones.

From other side I did not see corresponding software. May be XML is a
keyword which will be helpful in the searching.

Thanks in advance,

Andrey Siver,
Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia

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