This is really an open-ended question... and I pre-apologize for my rambling style.

So far all the examples of grammars I've seen are free standing on their own.
We're eval'ing prd for providing xmlization services for a lot of varied output.
It'll be mostly router output (from a variety of differently formatted
commands), but could also be from unix boxes (eg, ifconfig, route).

Obviously, it doesn't scale to have the grammars for all the stuff described
above in single prd parse instance. It'll take forever to compile for a single
change , and simple changes in one command could break multiple commands all in
one go. There's also the problem of easily distributing the commands as atomic

I'm curious how people have approached this problem. I'm currently thinking each
output's grammar is 'freestanding' (it may pull in tokens from a
commonlibrary), and will be pre-compiled, and saved. But each freestanding
'parser' that is created needs to provide some kind of introspection (once
loaded about what kind s of commands it can process). Also, there needs to be
some kind of searchable registry that can tell which parser can process what
etc. Hopefully, I'm now the first one thinking along these lines...


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