David Summers wrote:
I know I can hack the current plugins to do more of that but I was
wondering if there was any development work to both reduce the amount of
logging and/or make it more concise?
The whole logging system could definitely handle some reorganization, to
rationalize what gets logged at which level. However, if you take a look at
some of the logging plugins, it should be really easy to adapt one to do exactly
what you want. I'm pretty sure there was a logging plugin that collected all
elements of a single message and logged it on a single line, check the wiki:


Another thing to consider (and is what I do), is to use the adaptive logging
plugin, which lets you log at two different levels. I did this internally at my
previous company, so the full debug logs were rolled every ~36 hours and the
minimal logs were around for months.
QMAIL/QPSMTD/TMDA/(CourierIMAP|BincIMAP) combination provides a dynamite
and customizable mail server and SPAM prevention package.
You might also want to take a look at dovecot:


which is a *very* scalable IMAP/POP server that works well with qmail delivery
(i.e. maildir).


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