Ask Bjørn Hansen wrote:
Cool! Pretty funny that qpsmtpd makes a good test tool for an SMTP
client. :-)
Yeah, well, qpsmtpd is a lot lighter weight and yet feature complete (not to
mention easier to configure) than any other MTA I've yet encountered. ;-)

I have grandiose plans to write an abstract RFC2821 class that could be quickly
turned into a stub server with a single subclass. Oddly enough, if I go that
route, I will probably wind up rewriting qpsmtpd to use that class (since it
will have a true finite state machine) and everything will come full circle.
If we made Qpsmtpd installable via CPAN then it could just see if
Qpsmtpd is available and if so then start a server instance on a high
The only caveat with that is that I explicitly test SMTPS, which the qpsmtpd
code only supports on port 465. I could test everything else, however, but I'd
like to support the tlsinit required for a fully SSL connection (even though the
RFC's suggest this is legacy only). Maybe if I go forward on my AUTH rewrite,
to get those hardcoded bits out of the core...


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