Grokbase Groups Perl qa March 2016
RJBS and I have spoken, and feel it is time to set a release date for
Test2/Test-Builder. We have agreed that doing it at the QAH in Rugby is a
good time. The plan is to release Test2 and the new Test::Builder as stable
either at the end of the first day, or the start of the second day (so the
21st or 22nd of april). This gives a full day for people to grab me in
person to talk about it, and address any issues. It also gives 2 full days
after the release where my attention can be fully devoted if any issues are
discovered post-release.

I expect little if any changes to occur in the code between now and then.
Possibly some small bug fixes, documentation updates, etc. nothing big. I
will continue to listen to any feedback that is provided, and take any
necessary action. In the meantime RJBS is going to be pinging stakeholders
from the punch-list ( to
make sure all requirements have been met.

What exactly is going stable?

* Test2 (experimental notices will be removed)

* Test::Builder that uses Test2 under the hood (as seen here:

* Test2-Suite (experimental notices will be removed)

* Final Test2/Test-Simple patch for perl blead (Test-Suite is not going
into blead)

I look forward to seeing you all in Rugby!


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