Grokbase Groups Perl qa November 2015
Wow, the last update on this was in April! Then stuff came up. Has all the
stuff that came up gone down? I hope so.

I think that there is not one person who wants the up-in-the-air-ness of
Test-Builder-on-Test-Stream to last longer than it has to. I sure don't. Now
that it seems like there is some momentum, I would like to get things moving
forward, and I will provide the shoves as needed.

In Berlin, we made a list of tasks that we thought were a good set of
acceptance criteria for this change. It is here:

I said that I would conduct regular checkins with Chad about this, and we did
that for a while. I propose to start doing that again.

I also predict that I will want to add a set of further goals, primarily to
get more buy-in from the group. These will be things like code review of
specific parts of the system.

What I'd like to do next:

* make a set of GitHub issues for the punch list, tagged as such
* make GitHub issues for other topics to review, also tagged

Some of these topics, I would like to mark as "to be discussed" *and then
expressly deferred* until more central issues are sorted out. For example, if
we think that the whole thing needs to be scrapped, I don't want to argue about
the documentation style. ;)

First: Sound good to you, Chad and everybody else?

Secondly: This doesn't mean you should stop looking at things, flagging
issues, or talking to Chad about stuff! It just means that I'm going to try to
maintain a structured record and make sure we're making progress and not just


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