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I recently found, a service that works nicely with
travis-ci to generate coverage reports whenever I push changes to my
github repos. For example ...

This commit:
caused this build:
which generated this coverage report:

It's a great service, and I recommend it. I followed these simple
instructions to get it working:

However, Coveralls appears to have some limitations, at least with its
default settings. Compare the report above with this report generated
for the same code:

Coveralls appears to only count the number of statements hit and not
look at whether my tests cover all the conditions in my code. Given code
like this:

if($foo && $bar) { print "Wibble" }

Then Coveralls will report 100% coverage if you test it with $foo and
$bar true, because then every statement will get hit. Devel::Cover,
however, will only be truly happy if you test with all of the following:
   $foo false;
   $foo true, $bar false;
   $foo true, $bar true
so that you exercise all the possibilities that matter.

Does anyone know if there's some option I can tweak in Coveralls to turn
this on? Or is it a limitation of the website and/or the
Devel::Cover::Report::Coveralls module?

David Cantrell | top google result for "internet beard fetish club"

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