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Hi There,

Somehow images and files get corrupted when i read them with a perl
script and then download them with a modperl script using File::Read or
File::Slurp. The images are not really broken but they get blurred and
dont look the same like before they are uploaded. When i download them
directly from the webserver directory where the files are stored are
stored they are ok.

I have also tried the script below but no success.


      print $args->{base}->{CGI}->header( -type => $mimetype, -attachment
=> $document );

      my $fname = $file;

      open my $in, q{<}, $fname or die qq{Could not open file <$fname>: $!};

      open my $out, q{>&STDOUT} or die qq{Cant dup STDOUT: $!};

      my ($more, $buf);
          $more = read $in, $buf, 4096;
          print $out $buf;
      } while $more;

      close $out or die $!;
      close $in or die $!;


Any hints that can help me out....?

Thanx in advance!


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