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On 5/1/13 3:38 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
In accordance with the terms of my grant from TPF this is the monthly
report for my work on improving Devel::Cover covering March 2013.

Sorry for the delay in this report. Most of March and all of April has been a
very busy time for me outside of grant work on Devel::Cover.

This month I released Devel::Cover 1.01.

March's work started by continuing there February's had left off. David
Golden had politely observed that the coverage reporting for ||= operators in
his Path::Iterator::Rule module was somewhat less than optimal. So I got hold
of the module's source, pared the module down to the minimum required to
reproduce the problem, and fixed it, along with another problem that showed up
too. The problem boiled down to C< $x ||= $y > being in void context, but we
want to show the coverage as if were not. This was one of those problems
where the majority of the effort was spent in locating and defining the
problem, and the solution was relatively simple from that point. In any case,
the coverage looks much healthier now:

This month, perls 5.14.4, 5.16.3, 5.17.10 were released. I tested against
these, along with 5.17.9 from February. It's obviously important that
Devel::Cover works with newly released stable versions of perl, so I always
try to test with the release candidates too. I also try to keep up with the
development releases (5.17.x at the moment), which are far more of a moving
target as far as Devel::Cover is concerned. Of course, this should make it
more likely that there won't be any problems when 5.18.0 is released, and it
also means that the cpantesters failure reports I get from those people
running development releases use generally useful.

Devel::Cover now also reports coverage for more of the files that gcov can

I investigated removing the dependency on B::Deparse. Unfortunately, that
won't be simple, and may not be worth the effort, but I did at least reduce
the number of calls to B::Deparse.

Closed Github tickets:

52 cover ignores .cc file

Merged pull requests:

47 Fix for mod_perl on Debian setting $^X to apache2
49 fix: respect to $Devel::Cover::Silent

You can see the commits at

Hours worked:

01.03 7:30
29.03 2:15

Total 9:45

Total hours worked on grant: 257:35

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