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On 2012.8.15 2:43 AM, Buddy Burden wrote:
Well, I say that it's a bit of a PITA, but I'll add it to my TODO
list. I recall now that the skip/SKIP thing is what was causing some
CPAN Testers failures for Test::File, so I guess I'l just switch it
over to Test::Tester and that'll solve it, eh? Hopefully it won't be
too awful, but my recollection is that TBT and TT have _completely_
different approaches when it comes to testing, so it won't be trivial
either. So I guess I'm torn between saying "yay for progress!" and
"bummer for my already overstuffed schedule." ;->
Test::Builder::Tester should smooth that over as of alpha 3. It's using a
special TAP formatter which emulates TB1 quirks including the skip/SKIP thing.

TBT's future is being sacrificed to work as a Test::Builder 0.x -> 1.5
compatibility layer. The behaviors you're testing with TBT will always be
stuck in the past. Test::Tester also spans 0.x -> 1.5 but it does so with
more grace.

You should be able to leave your Test::Builder::Tester stuff alone, it'll
work, but eventually you're going to want to change them.

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