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Hello Everyone,

It appears there are several distributions on CPAN whose tests don't
pass when using several cores. This is an annoyance because some of the
larger deplists nearly always have a module with broken tests in them,
so testing can't just be a fire-and-forget operation, it also confuses
some of the less experient developers that have HARNESS_OPTIONS set in
.bashrc. I'm wondering if there has been any discussion directed to
addressing this issue, I've done some research and couldn't find
anything in that regard. What I'm thinking is that maybe the cpan tester
service can do an extra multi-process run on each distribution, and
store the test status along with the other metadata and somehow hand
that information to Test::Harness so it can automatically run in
single-process mode when it finds a test suite that doesn't pass in
multi-process mode. Anyway, I'd just like to get the discussion started,
and I'd be willing to put in some tuits towards implementing a solution
if necessary.

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