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On Friday 16 September 2005 20:58, Tels wrote:
On Friday 16 September 2005 19:44, Shlomi Fish wrote:
On Friday 16 September 2005 19:34, Mark Ethan Trostler wrote:
Alls you need to do is call:
($tot, $failedtests) = Test::Harness::_run_all_tests(@tests);
instead of 'run_tests' to get at the '$tot' & '$failedtest' hash refs
(Data::Dumper it or look at the comments in Test::Harness) which has
all the info you need to output whatever/however you want - I use it
to XML-ize Test::Harness output instead of the standard format. This
also avoids the call to '_show_results' (or you can call it yourself
later) so you can output whatever/however you want.
Hmmm... I've inspected the Test::Harness source now. While one can
indeed do what you said, if I want to emulate the functionality of
_show_results in its entirety, except for a small difference, then I'll
have to duplicate a lot of code. That's Not Good<tm>.

So I think a spin-off of Test::Harness which will facilitate doing that
is still in order.
Why not fix Test::Harness instead of re-inventing it entirely?
Well, first of all the plan is to start from the original Test::Harness, and
gradually improve it. It won't be a rewrite, it would be an evolutionary

As to why it has to be done: Test::Harness uses procedural interfaces and
monlithic functions. Thus overriding the various parts is very hard. I'd
rather have an improved version (derived from the original) that has an OO
interface, that can be customized using @ISA.


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