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On Monday 11 July 2005 23:17, Michael G Schwern wrote:
On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 07:38:57PM +0300, Yuval Kogman wrote:
So what should I do to eliminate it?
Maybe Just Nothing

The issue is that you can't special case get_current_coords to be
truish, as far as Devel::Cover is concerned - it might not be.

Any fix that could be thought up is inherently problematic.

Coverage reporting is not done for the pretty colors - a human reads
it, and says "OK, this is logical, get_current_coords always returns
a true value". It's not a race for greens and percentages.
While I agree coverage is not a race, I disagree that a human should have
to disambiguate between real missing coverage and a false negative. At
least not more than once.

I'll make the same argument "no broken windows" argument here that I do
about warnings and tests: elminate all warnings, even if they are dubious.
Ensure all tests pass eliminating all false negatives. Do not leave any
"expected warnings" or "expected failures" because this erodes the
confidence in the test suite. Warnings and test failures fail to ring
alarm bells. One "expected" warning leads to two. Then four. Then
finally too many to remember which are expected and which are not and you
ignore them all together.
I fully agree with you. The purpose of the test coverage's main report page is
to let me know if I missed anything. And I want to make sure that I missed
nothing. Not to go over the problems one by one and see which one is a false
positive and which one isn't.

I wanted to say something similar along this line before your comment, but you
said it much better. :-)


Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish

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