Grokbase Groups Perl qa December 2004
Oops! I didn't include the list on my first reply.
But on the other hand I have completed the analysis. So here is the
final list:

Michael G Schwern wrote:
On Sat, Dec 25, 2004 at 11:04:15PM -0600, Andy Lester wrote:
I'm working on an article for on the Phalanx project. Those
you involved, can you please give a summary of what you've done? Or
better yet, give me a summary and update the wiki as well?
Don't know if you saw Maddingue's update of his analysis of how many
modules depend on module X.
Here is the current version of my script if anyone wants to play it:

It generates a simple text file with the name of each prereq module on
each line. Then I use the following script to generate
the score list
<Maddingue> -- using Module::CoreList
and checking against 5.8.0
Here is a new version of the list:

It includes only modules from A to M. This time, I used
Module::Depends::Intrusive to gather more information, so it contains
the dependencies of nearly all the modules up to this. Currently, I
also record all the distributions that are buggy or that have a
Makefile.PL too interactive for Module::Depends::Intrusive in order to
skip them for next run. Some just die() or exit() and must also be
skipped in order
Also some of them should be aggrigated together (ie. URI and URI::URL
are the same distribution, LWP, LWP::Simple and HTTP::Request, >

There's the "circle jerk" or "nepotism" score to be taken into
account. ie.
Dependencies from modules of the same author should carry less weight.
example, Kwiki has a lot of dependencies. But before you weigh its
importance you must consider many of the modules that depend on
Kwiki were written by Ingy and Autrijus. So another metric to look at
not just how many dependents a module has but how many different
depend on it.

Finally, you can do a deep dependency scan. The "how much will break
this breaks" score. Taking into account not just what depends on a
module but what depends on that, and on that and so on down the line.
For example. In Maddingue's list Class::DBI has 32 dependencies.
Class::DBI depends on Ima::DBI but Ima::DBI doesn't even show up on
the list. If Ima::DBI breaks, Class::DBI and everything it depends on
breaks. So all of
Class::DBI's dependencies can be weighted towards Ima::DBI.

I think all of this can be derived from a list of
Module: Dependency1, Dependency 2, etc...
I'll add more information to the dependency list once I have sorted out
all the distributions that prevent any automated running of these

Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni
-- - --- -- - -- - --- -- - --- -- - --[ ]
Close the world, txEn eht nepO

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