Hi pod-people,

I've recently acquired PAUSE comaintainership of Pod::Readme and am
interested in doing a few small maint releases to fix some low-hanging
fruit such as prerequisites and installation tooling, but it needs more
love than I have time (or knowledge of Pod::* architecture) for. I've been
in contact with the authors of Pod::Readme, David Precious and Robert
Rothenberg, about the future of this module -- would it be possible to move
it under pod-people's umbrella?

The repository currently lives at https://github.com/bigpresh/Pod-Readme --
in order for it to be transferred to
https://github.com/pod-people/Pod-Readme, David Precious would need to be
added as an admin of pod-people. Is this possible to do (either temporarily
or permanently)? I'm a regular member of the pod-people organization but
do not have admin rights so I cannot take the repo and then add it myself,
nor add David to the admin list.

I've cc'd both David and Robert on this message in case there are more
details to hammer out. I'm also on irc, pingable during (western
hemisphere) waking hours.


Karen Etheridge (ether)

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