On Jan 8, 2015, at 10:38 PM, Marek Rouchal wrote:

I see a potential way of resolving this, but it looks like quite a big effort: the Perl parser could store all text it skips as POD in a similar structure like __DATA__ so that POD parsing utilities could use a pseudo-filehandle like this (reading POD for the current script):

while (<main::__POD__>) {

and for other files there could be a special open() discipline to return only POD using the same parser. What do you think?
I don’t really follow.

Honest, since the current regex matches stuff that is not in fact Pod, I think it is reasonable to tighten up the regex to


This won’t completely eliminate the problem, since it will still match stuff that looks like Pod in a file that is not otherwise Pod. But this reduces the chances of that, and should fix the pathological example the MetaCPAN ran into.


If there is consensus on this, I will make the change and post a notice to p5p. I leave it up to the porters to decide whether they also want to update the Perl interpreter to tighten up what it considers Pod.



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