Follow-up questions to those I posed on perl6-users today.

So I have successfully used rakudobrew to build moar and panda. That
perl6 executable is located here:
$ which perl6

Now, suppose I *also* wish to install Rakudo Star. I've downloaded the
rakudo-star-2016.01 tarball and have read the instructions in README for
installation. From past experience, I guess that if I say simply:

$ perl Configure.pl --backend=moar --gen-moar
$ make
$ make install

... that this will install in /usr/local/bin/. Is that recommended
(assuming that my main emphasis is on learning Perl6 in the context of a
beginners study group)?

Is there a PREFIX setting, should I wish to install it under my home

Thanks to all who worked on getting Rakudo Star yesterday and who
contributed to the earlier thread.

Jim Keenan

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