On Sun, 2009-11-22 at 08:15 -0800, Paul Simon wrote:
The system has only 256 MB with few resources being used. That's a big difference
between 12+ hours and 3 minutes! Maybe I should invest in more RAM :-)
Yep, if you see swapping, more RAM is probably the single most effective
performance enhancer you can possibly throw at it. The slowdown from
swapping to a spinning disk completely swamps all performance
differences between CPUs, for instance.

FWIW, the next thing to improve depends on your common tasks: a solid
state disk and a better video card are usually the best bets. The SSD
is great for compiles, program startups, and other disk-intensive
processes. (Get a good one, the cheap ones are awful.) The video card
is most useful if you do 3D, watch videos, or have a desktop that uses a
"compositing engine". If you just use twm to run xterms, it's not all
that valuable. :-)

Still, both of those are WAY further down the list than getting enough
RAM to do the compile in main memory.


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