Steffen Schwigon schrieb:
At least the many keywords seem to be necessary to map the complexity
of different paradigms possible in Perl6. Multimethods are not just
overloading as in C++. Second, the different keywords declare
different behaviour you can choose. Just read S06, it's explained
quite understandable.
Hm, but wouldn't whose be equivalent?

sub foo ($bar) {

multi sub foo ($bar) {

Aren't subs a subset of multi subs, meaning that every sub can be
expressed as a multi sub?
Is there anything a sub has in advantage of a multi sub?
So might not just every sub be a multi sub?
If the only difference is, that you _must not_ declare a sub twice with
different argument lists, I think that this one is relatively
unimportant and letting every sub be a multi sub seems to be more
consistent to me in opposite to this arbitrary looking distinction.

Maybe I just phenomenally misunderstood multi subs, but unless I did, I
can't see why we want to have subs when we can have multi subs that can
do the same and even more.


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