Ken Fox wrote:
John Porter writes:
Ken Fox wrote:
This is one of the reasons Linux developers oppose C++ -- it's hard
to "get a feel" for the way code will run by just looking at it.
s/Linux developers/all systems programmers/.
Well, that's not a true statement -- I happen to know a system programmer
who advocates C++. ;)
Well, o.k., I should have said "systems programmers in general".

I sure would like to know how this meme got started,
that Linux developers are the first and only systems
I never said that and certainly I don't believe it.
(Not to make too big a deal of it... but) I inferred from your
statement a lack of awareness of the existence -- and, dare
I say, predominance -- of non-Linux systems programmers.
More likely, I suppose, is that you didn't want to
*over*-generalize, for which I credit you.

Or maybe you just have a healthy
skepticism towards the popular? ;)
Yes, there's that. :-)

cheers, hand,
John Porter

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