Chip Salzenberg writes:
You mean, 'building outside of the source dir'? If so, three cheers.
I'm in the habit of keeping sources in /u/src/foo/bar and building in
/u/build/foo/bar with symlink /u/build/foo/bar/SRC -> /u/src/foo/bar.
I've found that lndir (from the X11 distribution) works very well. When
I build something, I unpack the original sources into "foo-X.Y" and then
make a directory "OS-foo-X.Y" (where OS is SunOS, IRIX, etc.). Remove
write permission on foo-X.Y, run "lndir ../foo-X.Y" and builds can
happen in OS-foo-X.Y without any chance of screwing up the originals.
The nice part of this approach is that it doesn't require any support
from the build tools at all.

- Ken

Ken Fox, kfox@ford.com, (313)59-44794
Ford Motor Company, Powertrain | "Is this some sort of trick
Analytical Powertrain Methods Department | question or what?" -- Calvin
C3P Implementation Section |

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