According to John Tobey:
PS: We could use a little more sophisticated Makefile system....
OK, well how about some design specs first.
Now that you mention it, we do need to start on a Perl-based Configure
replacement. Just don't do anything that microperl couldn't do, and
you can develop it with Perl 5. A good start would be to translate
some basic functions from the current Metaconfig package and see how
they turn out. The door is completely open to new ideas in the
representation of configurations (i.e. config.sh can die!).

(But all I was looking for was something a little better than what I
have now.... Only descend into subdirs if required, don't constantly
rebuild the libperl.a if not required, maybe a makedepend.)

And now for something completely different: I've asked Adam Turoff to
look at Cons, getting entirely away from the whole 'makefile' thing.
Chip Salzenberg - a.k.a. - <chip@valinux.com>
"I wanted to play hopscotch with the impenetrable mystery of existence,
but he stepped in a wormhole and had to go in early." // MST3K

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