Michael G Schwern wrote:
Just to throw my $0.02 of gasoline on the fire... there are two things
which keep me on CVS (well, maybe three).

1) Its free.
2) Its text.

Lack of support for symlinks, hairy method of
moving files, almost impossible to remove or move a directory (without
doing it in the root itself),

However, I do applaud CVS's staunch decision to be a version control
system and ONLY a version control system. There's too many
version/build/config/manage/test/distribute bloated all-in-wonders out
there already. Its nice to see a project which hasn't succumbed to
the urge to do everything.
All points on which CVS meaningfully differs from ClearCase.
I wouldn't even mention it, except that mv'ing in CVS seems to be
such a big deal: mv'ing a file in ClearCase is mindblowingly easy;
it does the rmelem and mkelem automatically (of course, the source
and destination dirs have to be checked out).

The most brilliant thing about ClearCase is the mvfs -- multi-versioning
file system. It's so powerful and so transparent, I'm always tempted
to keep *everything* -- down to my mboxes and .kshrcs -- in it.
(But I don't...)

John Porter

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