I just went, after ages, and sync'd up with a current parrot for my
work project. Fixing things to work with the changes has been...

The big hang up has been the removal of the T and L parameter types
for NCI calls. T was a string pointer array and L was a long array.
They're still documented in call_list.txt, there are still references
to them in parts of the library, and there are fragments of the code
for them in nativecall.pl.

Change 9260 did this back in september (yes, it has been ages, I'm
just syncing up now). This breaks the postgres.pir interface code --
making calls into postgres now isn't possible, as the interpreter
pukes and dies when you try.

Are there alternatives? The documentation for this stuff is worse now
than when I wrote it originally, and it's not clear what needs to be
done to duplicate the functionality of the removed call types.

--------------------------------------it's like this-------------------
Dan Sugalski even samurai
dan@sidhe.org have teddy bears and even
teddy bears get drunk

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