Nicholas Clark wrote:
Garrett Goebel wrote:
Leopold Toetsch wrote:
Garrett Goebel wrote:
As I was googling to see how other people have approached
these problems I ran across:
What did you find there, besides a description that a certain
company is producing b0rken software ;-)
The thoughts of a CLR developer on implementation issues:
mistakes made, lessons learned, nasty things to keep in mind,
etc. Discussions of lock-free thread-safe coding issues,
balancing the CLR's memory model with cpu memory models, GC,
finalization, exceptions, MP, NUMA, JIT, security policies,
managed code, typing, shared vtables, marshaling, serialization.
But not hugely indexed and with a lot of Win32 specific detail
(Although there are section headers). For example the term
"lock-free" seems to occur three times, and none seem to be
discussions on how to go about writing lock-free code, merely
references to it. (Or did you mean that we should read some
of the comments too?) Are there specific permalinks of blog
entries that discuss individual items in your list above, to
save us all trying to wade through masses of text?
The comments do hone in on some of the issues... but no, I can't give
anything more specific than that the last 2 entries looked to cover many of
the same issues that have been discussed recently on this list.

If you're looking for something specifically on threading issues, perhaps a
doctoral thesis on "Implementation Issues in Concurrent Programming
Languages": www.cs.usfca.edu/benson/diss.ps?

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