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A subtle problem. Golfed down to;

my IO::Socket::INET $sock;
$sock .= new( :host<localhost>, :port(65010));

Error thrown
Failed to connect: connection refused
    in block <unit> at Tests/sock.pl6 line 8

   * On my laptop it works without error as well as on Travis-ci. On
     another system with the same linux distribution and version, it
     gives the above error.
   * On both systems localhost translates to (checked with dig)
   * The firewall is not blocking, checked by turning it off.
   * On the system with the error I've changed 'localhost' into
     after which no error is thrown.

perl version on systems are 2016.05-31-g0873fd7 (on ok system) and
2016.05-25-gc5dfd77. On other curious thing is both systems say that
they are `Already up-to-date` using git pull while versions differ.

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