On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 09:44:19AM +0100, Moritz Lenz wrote:

I'd suggest developing those test functions in a separate module, and
after gathering some experience with it, when can discuss putting them
into rakudo's Test.pm.
Seems a good plan (for these functions)

However, does Rakudo's lib/Test.pm "scale" in the way that Perl 5's
Test::* do?

By which I mean, all the (sane) Perl 5 test modules use Test::Builder,
which means that the test counting, plan manipulation (etc) is coherent
and co-ordinated, even if you're using Test::More, Test::Deep, etc.

It doesn't look to me like there's a way to do that (yet) in the Perl 6
ecosystem. Am I missing a way to mix in new test functions without having
to replace/redo the existing ones?

Nicholas Clark

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