On Thu, Mar 05, 2015 at 07:57:12PM +0000, Nicholas Clark wrote:

Sadly PPC32 is a mess. With these patches NQP will build, and the nativecall
tests pass. However 2 other tests fail (arithmetic and printf problems), and
the Rakudo build explodes with a syntax error backtrace.
[nick@gcc1-power7 nqp]$ for fmt in s i u x e f g; do ./nqp-m -e "say(nqp::sprintf('%%$fmt is %$fmt', [4294967295]))"; done
%s is 4294967295
%i is 277721840
%u is 280670960
%x is 10bab2f0
%e is 5.789358e+09
%f is 277094112.395473
%g is 4.29497e+09

Well, two are correct.
I assume that until the NQP tests pass it's not even worth attempting to
figure out the Rakudo problem, as it might be caused by the NQP bugs.
My hunch is that if that part is that pooched Rakudo doesn't stand a chance.
It's a bit surprising that NQP even bootstraps.

Nicholas Clark

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