Jarkko Hietaniemi [jhi@iki.fi] quoth:
*> >
*> > Hmmn - I thought it was Aug 20, not Oct 26 (or am I thinking of PAUSE)?
*>August, yes, the first Module List where franz is mentioned came out
*>the 25th of August 1995, but on which you base the 20th?

This is precisely what I was getting at with the quote from postman and
the article I posted yesterday. :) The internet as opposed to printed
books, makes poor historical record.

However, the first list to mention CPAN [ Tim's module list] was a _full
month earlier, on 25 September. So, somewhere between 1 August and 26
October, word got around. If one wishes to dicker over 'official-ness', I
used c.l.p.a. as a good rule of thumb since it is 'announcing' something
in a public forum.

Also, it only took 3 months for c.l.p.modules to be proposed after CPAN
was unleashed.

*>I would love to find a definite record of a PAUSE announcement,
*>but off-hand I cannot, either from c.l.p.a or from (old) packrats
*>archives... Maybe there was no definite "opening day"? The
*>discussions on packrats about franz/PAUSE do happen near the
*>20th, e.g. PAUSE is mentioned by Andreas for the first time
*>the 16th.

Yes, I remember trying to hunt down an 'announcement' for PAUSE but didn't
find one and lost track of it. Perhaps I'll try that tonight.

I attribute CPAN to both Jarkko and Andreas since both of them had an
idea and made them work. :)

Only 4 years! One wonders what the next 4 years will bring. :)

Happy Birthday!


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