Tom Christiansen [tchrist@jhereg.perl.com] quoth:
*>That's flamebait. It's not fair, and it's not true. Please
*>don't repeat it, as repetition is no road to veracity.

They weren't my words, rather just repeating the sentiment that is growing
even among RH's oldest fans. I'm not attempting to add fuel to the fire.

*>Says who? I can walk into any store within a 10 miles radius and
*>disprove this.

Softpro. They carried RH first in the country IIRC and, while chatting
with the owner last night looking for a particular book, 5 people bought
RH 6.1. He carries Debian, OpenBSD when Theo ships him copies, FreeBSD,
etc. but he resents RH these days because they have cut the margin so low
that they don't make any money by selling it. B&N and Borders aren't going
to carry it anymore for this reason. Why sell it if you don't make any
money on it?

*>In what way? I may have the ear of good people there, and I bet
*>that I can get whatever problems you cite addressed.

I've not installed it since 5.1 so I'm not sure of the particulars, but I
know a few people who have had issues with their Perl rpms in version 6.0
and earlier.


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