Dan Sugalski [dan@sidhe.org] quoth:
*>At 09:42 AM 9/29/99 -0600, Tom Christiansen wrote:
*>>I'm concerned about the performance. Mean time to delivery is much
*>>much much improved. I'm just concerned about the vague threads.
*>Delivery is definitely a lot quicker (it borded on the abysmal on the old
*>setup), but that can be duplicated with majordomo too. I run a couple of
*>lists at home--the biggest has ~200 subscribers and usually pumps out
*>messages within about two minutes. That could be sped up some if I was
*>willing to tweak bulk_mailer's settings more, but I haven't felt the need.

Whether or not it is ezmlm/qmail or majordomo/sendmail should be of no
consequence...or at least it shouldn't be. I prefer the latter due to
having much more experience with configuring them which, ultimately, is
where problems of this nature arise. Mail is mail...I remember the days of
usa.net when the entire 'free email' setup was running on a ss20. It has
little to do with it being a beefy system.

P5P is an important list though and these problems should be addressed

Ask, please feel free to contact me should you want any assistance as I
would be happy to help.


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