M.J.T. Guy [mjtg@cus.cam.ac.uk] quoth:
Nick Ing-Simmons <nik@tiuk.ti.com> wrote
We did not really have a problem with SPAM IMHO (the volume of p5p is high
anyway the percentage of spam was low, and I get far more from other sources).
I agree entirely. The new list shouldn't implement *any* restrictions
beyond those of the old list, as a first step. Additional restrictions
can be discussed if/when spam actually becomes a problem.
Well, as an SA you get caught the rock and the hard place. In academia
people want everything open, all the time, but gripe horribly if they get
one bit of spam in their inbox.

Especially with systems as high profile as perl.org and cpan.org, one
errs on the side of keeping a tight ship. If there weren't spammers this
would be totally unwarranted, but who wants perl.org to be on Vixie's
Blacklist? That wouldn't be terribly cool.

I always use unix mail on one account as it avoids the hassle of figuring
out which relay I need to use where.

I'm sure there is a way to accomodate this problem agreeably.


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