Tom Christiansen [tchrist@jhereg.perl.com] quoth:
*>>Anyway, if we are crowing about Open Source this and that, I thought it
*>>would be one minor peeve I could get off my plate :)
*>No, I don't think that makes sense. One uses what works -- utilitarianism
*>is more important here. If vendor compiler produces an easier build
*>and a faster executable than gcc, then I see little reason to use gcc.
*>Idealism has better targets than this one.

Sorry, that wasn't my point. I _adore_ Sparcworks for compiling on Sparc,
but I personally can't fork over that kind of money for each workstation I
have either. I would guess that gcc is far more abundant than cc on
Solaris workstations and servers for the very simple economic reason.
Also, as far as I know, cc never shipped as part of Solaris though I
recall it did with SunOS.

I just thought that it might be something to consider, not as an open
source hurrah, rather a practical update since Sun prices Sparcworks out
of the reach of the mere mortal.


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