Chris Nandor [pudge@pobox.com] quoth:
*>>*> What if, modulo user intervention, Configure _continues_ to try cc
*>>*>first, but will automatically try gcc if cc is absent or dysfunctional?
*>Well, I always just ln -s gcc cc on my Solaris boxes.

While this works, it offends my sense of what things one can or should
change. I know that Sun makes this a link to /opt/SUNWspro but...Sun can
do that. Mostly I think it isn't terribly portable. I can handle -Dcc=gcc
much better than sullying semi-sacred system directories.

*>Anyway, isn't Sun's cc going to be freely available at some point? Bill
*>Joy says all of Sun's IP is going to be open source (for some definition of
*>"open source"; you just have to meet compatability testing, and you can add
*>proprietary extensions).

I've heard nothing about Sun making the compilers open source though I
would be _very_ happy if they did. Anyone know if there is any hope/truth
to this?

*>Or maybe Sun's cc is not their own IP?

Well, it works to well to be made by Microsoft :) I do believe it is

So, anyway, it was just an idea....


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