Redford, John [John.Redford@fmr.com] quoth:
*>You could simply think about it differently. Don't think of 'cc' as "Sun's
*>really expensive compiler". Think of it as "C Compiler". Its a generic name.
*>GCC is a specific compiler. Sun's compiler is actually called something
*>other than 'cc' as well, though I forget what.

On Solaris, 'cc' is merely a stub for the Sparcworks or Workshop package.
Currently, for a single user license, it is $995 us. I think of it as
Sun's really expensive compiler :) cc also used to be included with SunOS.

*>As for promulgating open source software -- OSS is at its best when it
*>simply works without making waves. The last thing Perl would need is to make
*>people believe that GCC is required to build Perl. It is important to keep
*>in mind that the person who sees 'Configure' run does not know of the
*>philosophy behind the messages it displays; they just have the messages, and
*>they will draw quite surprising conclusions from them.

Well, my point was that countless times I've had to add the gcc directive
to configure and I'm terribly sure I'm not alone. It's not a political
statement, I'm just lazy. :)

I don't care much for politics so let us not go down that path.


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