Russ Allbery [rra@stanford.edu] quoth:
*>It might be a good idea. However, keep in mind that getting gcc working
*>correctly on Solaris 7 is somewhat non-trivial at the current time. See
*>the gcc install pages at:
*> <URL:http://egcs.cygnus.com/install/specific.html>

Good point. However, Sun doesn't ship cc with the OS and hasn't for quite
some time. I would imagine that if an SA is installing compilers on their
machines that they would be aware of these issues. Of course, I may expect
too much.

*>I always use gcc to build Perl on Solaris, though.

As do I and almost everyone else I can think of. I use Sparcworks on the
WU machines as Sun practically gives it away to academic institutions, but
even then, it isn't commonly installed.

Anyway, if we are crowing about Open Source this and that, I thought it
would be one minor peeve I could get off my plate :)


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