Nick Ing-Simmons [nick@ing-simmons.net] quoth:
*>Now you mention it there was talk recently on gcc list that one patch set
*>in which affected Sun as/ld and did not work well with gcc-2.95.*:

It wouldn't be the first time and certainly not the last.

*>>> Dimitri Papadopoulos <dpo@club-internet.fr> writes:
*>>> ....
*>>> I realize that you're not having problems in the same place that I was,
*>>> but you're reporting "impossible" random crashes, which is precisely the
*>>> symptoms of the problem created by patch 107058-01 at least in my
*>>> experience.

This patch, according to sunsolve, was released in January. It wasn't
installed on the system I tested it on as I don't have 64-bit turned on.
It is a 64-bit OS specific patch. I'd be curious to see if removing the
patch fixed the problem. Sunsolve didn't have anything, as expected, about
it. Mr. Burlingson from Sun may have some insight.

It doesn't seem to effect sparcworks though :)


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