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Abigail writes:
On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 09:06:57AM -0700, Smylers wrote:

Are all the qr/PATTERN/ flags also valid on split?
I think they are, but some warn. For instance:

$ perl -wE 'our @a = split /f/g, "foo"'
Use of /g modifier is meaningless in split at -e line 1.
/g is an m// modifier. perlop documents that m// takes all of the
modifiers plus /g and /c.
But I haven't checked all of them.
I was hoping that somebody might already know, but if not I'll go
through them.
It does accept all the modifiers that m// accepts, because there is
actually an m// op there at compile time initially, before ck_split
makes its exotic changes to the op tree. After all, you can write
split m//....
If you do change the docs, please don’t make it imply that split "foo" can take modifiers. split per se does not actually take any, but rather the m// that serves as its first argument. (In fact, the idea of split taking modifiers is not a way I have ever looked at it, even before I knew perl internals.)


Father Chrysostomos

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