On Fri May 27 09:57:30 2016, khw wrote:
Files in git repository that are in DOS format

The following files should be converted to unix, unless there is a
good reason for them being in DOS. (Also all of Pod::Parser is in
DOS, but it is hopefully soon going to be removed from core blead, so
there's no real reason to expend effort on it.) I omitted one file
whose name ends in .bat, and some in a Win32 directory, as those
appear to me to likely to want to be in DOS.

The files under cpan/ are maintained upstream on CPAN, so a change ought to originate upstream.

As for the files under symbian, they are maintained by (or, at least, last modified by) Jarkko, so I would recommend consulting with him first.

Thank you very much.

James E Keenan (jkeenan@cpan.org)

via perlbug: queue: perl5 status: new

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