On Fri May 27 09:57:30 2016, khw wrote:
Files in git repository that are in DOS format

The following files should be converted to unix, unless there is a
good reason for them being in DOS.
Umm, might I ask the reverse and ask ... why?

I'm no fan of "curliff", quite the reverse, but what is the problem here that such conversion is trying to address? Perl code should be fine with either "unixy" or "dossy", ditto for git.

As for the Symbian files: do not convert them to UNIX, things are quite likely to break if they are converted. (Though I have no idea whether the thing anymore builds at all, Symbian being quite dead.)
(Also all of Pod::Parser is in
DOS, but it is hopefully soon going to be removed from core blead, so
there's no real reason to expend effort on it.) I omitted one file
whose name ends in .bat, and some in a Win32 directory, as those
appear to me to likely to want to be in DOS.


via perlbug: queue: perl5 status: open

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