On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 9:52 PM, Zefram wrote:

That retains the rather crap behaviour of looking only at the *first*
instance of "perl" on the line. It would make more sense to look for
"perl6" either at *all* instances of "perl" (requiring all to be "perl6"
to enable chaining) or just in the basename part of the interpreter path.
Yeah. IMO the only choices for 5.24.1 are to either revert the patch
entirely or make it a lot more complicated than it currently is. I'm rather
doubtful on doing the latter under the time pressure of a .1; having a
whole year to come up with something or decide to abandon this entirely
sounds like a better idea to me.

But I go back to what I said about this last year, when the "perl6"
change was originally proposed: the #! hack is obsolete. We should either
leave it totally unchanged (as it was pre-5.23) or remove it entirely.
Changing it for perl6 is just inviting nasty surprises.

Test::Harness in particular tends to rely on this hack, but that could be
fixed (not that T::H is making fixing anything a sinecure). A deprecation
cycle would be appropriate though if we are to remove it.


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