James E Keenan wrote:
Note however that one of the items in this [META] ticket is itself a [META]
ticket: https://rt.perl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=123945
It looks like the intent is that we'll rip out the core functionality that
encoding.pm uses, thus making it unbuildable rather than merely faulty.
This will resolve all outstanding encoding.pm issues at a stroke.
In that context, it does make sense for the encoding.pm meta ticket to
be a release blocker. If we're going that route, the ticket structure is
fine: we'll close all the specific encoding.pm tickets and the encoding.pm
meta ticket in one go, following the featurectomy, prior to the release.

If we're instead going to try to fix encoding.pm, then none of its
tickets should block 5.25.1, directly or indirectly.


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