On 05/13/2016 12:18 AM, Karl Williamson wrote:
On 05/12/2016 03:31 PM, Sawyer X wrote:
Hi everyone,

As soon as the Perl release cycle enters a freeze, people start
committing their work in branches awaiting a merge. As blead gets
colder, hitting a full freeze, these start piling. Once 5.25.0 is out,
these are merged in, awaiting 5.25.1.

Since each development release is done once a month, and 5.25.0 was done
at the beginning of the month, it effectively means about a month and a
half for these to wait. Generally this would be fine, except it's the
first release past the freeze, meaning it's likely to collect a lot of

To accommodate this larger-than-usual set of changes, Matthew suggested
putting out 5.25.1 a bit earlier, on the 20th this month. I think that's
a good idea. What does that mean?

* On May 20th I will release 5.25.1, allowing all of these changes more
smoking time.
* Every release date stays the same, except it's the next version.
Instead of releasing 5.25.1 on June 20th, Matthew will release 5.25.2.
The stable release date stays the same as well.
* The states of freezing will all move one version forward. Instead of
"Contentious changes freeze" starting at 5.25.7, it will be start at
5.25.8. The full freeze will begin at 5.25.10 instead of 5.25.9.

If you have any objections, please let me/us know. Otherwise, 5.25.1
will be out in a week and a day on the 20th.

This is also a small reminder that blead is waiting for all your
commits. Bring it this week and you'll get longer smoking.

Note that 5.25.1 is supposedly blocked from being released until the 5
tickets still open here are fixed:

Note however that one of the items in this [META] ticket is itself a
[META] ticket: https://rt.perl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=123945

I think that's a mistake. A ticket like 123945 serves merely to list
tickets with a common theme. Such tickets are likely to remain open a
long time (think: stack not reference-counted). They should not, IMO,
be themselves listed as blockers for a particular release.

If however, a particular item in the META-META ticket blocks a
particular release, then that ticket -- and only that ticket -- should
be listed on the release-blockage META ticket.

So, should any of the following be listed as blockers for perl-5.25.1?




You only have to look at their RT numbers to realize that these tickets
have been open for years. Hence, they do not, prima facie, qualify as
blockers for 5.25.1.

If there are specific issues related to encoding.pm that *are* blockers
to 5.25.1, *those* should be listed on 127731 -- and if they're not
already listed on 123945, they should be.

I'll take action along the above lines tomorrow unless someone objects
in the mean time.

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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