On Wed, May 04, 2016 at 09:37:17AM -0400, David Golden wrote:

I strongly urge that any core changes be deferred until 5.25 and backported
later if successful and possible (which I think is what Nicholas is
I certainly think that that's what I think that I'm suggesting.
(In that coffee is no substitute for sleep, even at the strength that the
office coffee machine is calibrated to)

I don't see massive *harm* in unwinding the C const declaration for magic
vtable, even at this point. (As Dave corrects me, it's 4K less *shared*
memory, not absolute). But I think that it's going to be churn, and viable
to re-instate (well before) v5.26.0. The change is probably *safe* - it was
the state of things for over a decade. It's more about efficiency.
Hence I'm neutral on that one, and can see both sides to it.

The C level changes - yes, those *really* don't belong in anything
release-worthy without a month or more of stewing in blead.

And there's no "now or never" pressure for them, because they don't change
any C interface externally visible, so are viable for backporting when ready.

Nicholas Clark

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