In recent time, two of our most important toolchain modules have received
major work. I'm not sure both have received the attention they deserve
given their prominence, these are both modules that can literally break all
of CPAN.

The first is Test::More. I think most people agree the current
Test::Builder has outgrown its architecture and in the past year it has
received a rewrite-from-scratch (after the first rewrite was scrapped), but
the process towards the current beta version was rather rocky. There has
been talk on #toolchain about postponing it until after 5.22 to resolve
various concerns (of both backwards and forwards compatibility), a decision
which would need to be made soon.

The second ExtUtils::MakeMaker. It has received a number of feature
additions and related refactoring in the past months, in particular related
to compilation and meta (which are both very much at the core of that
MakeMaker does). As far as known all issues have been worked out by now,
but I'd feel a lot more confident if this received much more attention.

In either case, a lot more eyeballs and testing would be most welcome. In
both cases there are more unknowns in the equation than I feel comfortable


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