On Jan 21, 2015, at 8:28 PM, Father Chrysostomos wrote:

I suppose I do not like the idea that, once such strings are made,
they *will* make their way into module code that expects that if $a eq
"A" and $b eq "B", then "$a$b" eq "AB" without exploding.
As Smylers suggest, this could be lexically controlled by `use 5.24.0` or `use feature 'strings';`. I would not want to impose the new discipline on existing code. And I expect a *lot* of code would explode, mostly in production environments, because so few tests exist for this sort of thing.
If this had been added from the very outset when Unicode was invented
(or when Perl was invented :-), it might make more sense. But I
think retrofitting it is going to cause as much confusion as it
tries to solve.
My $0.02? Long term, Perl needs to have an answer for this, because otherwise people will switch to other languages where they don’t have to think about something this fundamental. It makes Perl feel *old*, in more ways than one.



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