On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 06:43:11PM -0700, Karl Williamson wrote:
People should do their 'use encoding' at the
file level not in any blocks. We could enforce that by a warning if
they do it in some block.
I think the real answer is to remove it altogether, and not try to fix
it. encoding::source on CPAN should be recommended instead, and it
should be changed into a source filter. Currently it uses the same
mechanism as encoding.pm. That mechanism is pervasive in the perl
source and hence error-prone.
I think you were AFK when we tried to get rid of 'use encoding'
early in 5.21. In spite of it being deprecated, too many CPAN
modules relied on it, and we had to reinstate it. I think what I am
suggesting is the easiest way to get some things to work, as there
are actually only a few places in the core that refer to it; if
there aren't other glitches in my idea.
Really? I'm not sure we tried very hard...
Most uses of 'use encoding' in the wild seem to be using utf8, so that's a
simple matter of patching to 'use utf8' instead:


I wholeheartedly support the effort to deprecate the use of 'use encoding'
entirely. (This probably means splitting encoding.pm off into its own
distribution, so it can be "ejected from core" without affecting the rest
of the Encode distribution.)

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