On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 07:16:49PM +0000, Voß, Jakob wrote:

This question is not about functionality but usability.

I wonder whether there are any plans or objections to include cpanminus in core and to deprecate the cpan command line client.
I can't comment officially on CPAN.pm, but I don't see any reason to
deprecate it, even if there are other tools that are more popular now.

The notion of including a very lightweight command-line cpan client in core
is interesting, but it would have to be written first... cpanm is not quite
lightweight enough :)
Having cpanm with perl by default would definitely increase usability of perl and perl applications. Also cpanfiles are much easier to understand than for instance Makfile.PL.
I'd much prefer a cpan client parse META.json directly than cpanfile (which
is not parsable - it must be executed to be understood). Also, there's the
problem of dynamic prerequisites, which can only be determined by executing
some code (but META.json might be "good enough" in a lot of cases).

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